There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Friday, October 09, 2009

Oatmeal and mush

We took the doggies on an adventure yesterday. We drove to Farragut State Park. After 21 years of living off and on and then full time in Idaho, we saw Farragut for the first time. While it is a part of the State Park system now, during WW ll it was a Naval training area and brig. Steve's dad was stationed there for his training and he had been invited to a memorial dedication in September 2006. We had plane tickets for him and were really excited about having him visit Idaho, but he was ill and couldn't come and passed away that December.

Farragut is a beautiful, peaceful area filled with huge pine and fir trees. Of course, it is off season so we had the whole place to ourselves. While the camping areas were closed off, the memorial and some of the community event areas were open.

It was clear and 54 degrees yesterday, but there was a brutal wind.....we nearly froze our fingers off. Violet and Petey acted like idiots....Violet always does when she is on a leash and Petey probably never had his California paws on anything so cold. His nose was in overdrive....and then there was the small incident with a chipmunk.

This is a view of lake Pend Oreille and an area where Mountain Goats have been seen (on the opposite side of the lake).

This is a view of the brig. It is the only structure left of the Naval Base. We were able to peek inside a window and it looks like there is a long common area with the cells on all four sides of the room
This is the monument that was dedicated September 8, 2006. It is a really unique bronze cast. The Sailor's head is positioned in a structure that is the bow of a boat.

The entire head has images of sailors...and you can tell the different ethnicity....African American, American Indian, some have glasses, but all of the faces are different.
Here is the inscription on the back of the monument.
So, after we got home we were really tired and went to bed early. It gets dark at about 7 so we waited a respectable amount of time and hit the pillows at 8.

3:30 in the morning Steve wakes me up....."Honey, hurry and look out the's snowing." And sure enough it looked like a snow globe outside....and the wind was once again blowing like crazy. We went out on the balcony like a couple of country bumpkins to watch the wonder of snow in October.

I didn't get outside until almost 10 this morning and there were only a few little patches of snow beads left, but here they are in all of their white, cold, October glory.


Miss Healthypants said...

They're saying it might snow here tomorrow night, too--waaaaahhhh!!!! I'm not ready for winter yet! :)

Mom said...

What a beautiful place Farragut Park is! It is one of the many beautiful places I had never heard of before.
It is 80 degrees today in Maryland.

jan said...

I love to go to parks in the off season when we have it to ourselves. I hope you let the doggies off leash to chase wildlife.

kenju said...

That place is gorgeous and the monument is something special!

Keep the snow over there, please. I have an outdoor wedding tomorrow.


it's it in the 50's here and breezy...i love it...hope it stays like that for the rest of winter.

Jennie said...

Beautiful park. I wish we could see mountains around here! Snow? But we haven't worn our Halloween costumes yet!

powdergirl said...

The park view looks very much like my surrounding area here in B.C.

No snow yet, but family in central Canada sent a photo of a great nephew playing in the first fall over there.

We're not long from it now, brrr.

Looks like you had a good day : )

madretz said...

that's a really really cool monument. Love the different faces etched onto the sculpture. So unique. And the lakeview is beautiful.

I hope that's the most snow you'll see for another 2 months.

sageweb said...

wow that looks cold but the park looks amazing.