There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The tree of thanks.

It is Christmas tree time. While most of the Christmas Tree world has a tree in place and decorated, we at the Olsen compound wait until the last minute. Steve has this inner buy a cut tree, buy a potted tree, or cut one from our forest. He finally decided that buying a cut tree was not the right thing to do....the supply and demand thing.... by our not buying a tree we would save a forest somewhere. We have not had luck with potted trees. Steve hates cutting a tree simply for decoration from our forest. (but less than buying a cut tree).

In 2006 when AnthonEy was visiting with his mom and Christopher, we cut a tree from our forest. It was glorious fun.

Everyone participated in the decorating and while it was not the best looking tree in the forest, a Charlie Brown tree actually, it was beautiful in the end.

We even cut a special tree so AnthonEy could decorate and have a tree in his bedroom while he was visiting.

In 2007 we decided to buy a potted tree....of dubious lineage....but it died before the New Year arrived.

In 2008 we changed our last name to Scrooge and didn't even bother getting a tree or decorating anything so it looked festive or remotely Christmasy. We thought times were bad back then.......what did we know....nuttin!

So what to do this year. We had promised each other we would never again spend a Christmas without a tree. Those bad times in 2008 were eentsy-weensy compared to the times of December 2009....but, with that previously mentioned attitude adjustment we were thankful for our relatively good health, each other, our familiy and the fact that we still have a home in which to put a tree.

We decided to trudge out into the forest after pricing the trees that were left in lots or in pots meaning there was nothing under 25 bucks.

Now, normally there would be feet of snow on the ground, but Al Gore sneezed in North Idaho I guess and we have had Noah pass down the road on his way to Canada in the pouring rain. This is what we trudged in.

Here is the 2009 tree selection. Another Charlie tree I 'm thinkin.

But once again magic happened and the tree looks beautiful....even if it only has 15 branches.
On this Christmas I wish all of you the best of holidays, love and laughter, family time filled with frivolity and may your basket be filled with warmth just like mine......
Even Mimi sends Holiday Greetings although I can't repeat what she said.
with much love, just me.....

Friday, December 18, 2009

To be thankful.....

Life in Rosemary's Attic has been in the basement of late. It's hard to be jolly and seasonally merry at times like this. I know, I moods are usually un-merry anyway, but at Christmas time they are worse. We were hit with a huge blow in October and while I know this isn't the last time we will be smacked in the head, this one hurt...a lot. Steve and I have weathered many storms together. We blended our two families and tried our best to make it one, we owned and lost businesses, we sat in an empty nest, we lost parents, we made an enormous emotional and physical move to Idaho, we survived what was almost a fatal car crash and we stayed in love through it all.

While I was in Las Vegas I had a lot of time to think....Steve was at seminars all day long and I could have either holed up in a cold hotel room or sat at the conference center (which I did) and mulled over problems and worried....which I did. Neither one of us wanted to be in Vegas, neither one of us was in a good mood and we were vocal about the why of our moods and for probably the first time in our lives together we talked about feelings; we decided we needed to make attitude adjustments.

While in Vegas I realized I missed my house, my home, my safety net, my place of comfort, the place where I have pictures of my children and grandchildren, where my cats keep my feet warm, where the dogies make quiet smellies, where deer stamp their feet at me and snort, where a particular squirrel will take a peanut out of my hand, where another feral cat has been named Blossom, and where I can look at Steve and then tell him how much I love him.

I have had a good life for the most part. I have had a glorious life with Steve. Have I ever said what a wonderful man he is, how tolerant he is of me, how generous he is, how loving and tender? He is. Steve is my home, my safe place, my comfort and where I feel warm and loved.

I have three fantastic children, Art, Christine and Gil and a step daughter, Stephanie, that make my heart glow and feel fuzzy and soft. My grandchildren make those feelings even richer. I know I am loved and cherished by these children; I am loved and needed in a way that I finally acknowledge I deserve.

I have had some of the most delightful pets ever given to a human; my current cats and dogs and those before....Charlie, Goldberry, Cicero, Babie, Magic, Sophia, Drake and Penelope. Those parts of my heart where memories of children and holidays can sometimes make me cry are moved aside for a moment by Emma climbing onto my shoulder or a miaow from Fuzzy.

I have never had a lot of friends...mostly by choice. But here in this little hamlet I have found more than I ever imagined....Molly, Gina, Barb and Delci too....and then there are my blog friends. When I look at my blog roll and think of the people behind the blogs PLUS these four women, I realize just how blessed I am with friends.

So, at this time of year when the snow is deep and the air is cold, I am warm, toasty, and happy with my life...problems and all. We have stumbled in the past, we have fallen this time and are having a hard time standing upright....but we want to, we will, and we are blessed, yup we are.


FROM.......just me,

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I've been naughty....

....and have been crossed off of Santa's list I'm sure. No posts, no blog reading, no nothing really. The speed bump life that is ours has turned into a mountain and our legs are broken. Life is certainly throwing us some curve balls at the moment, but we will survive.'s Christmas!!!!! Let's add some snow to the mix! My dear friend Jennie requested snow photos....really, honest, cross my heart....she did.

To the east off of the balcony.
One of the big trees too close to the house for comfort.

Looking south out the man door from the garage.
The pole building where we have another resident feral cat living in a box with blankets that Steve feeds every day.

Roof of the pole building that will need to be shoveled soon if this snow keeps falling.

North to the not plowed road.
The depth of snow on the driveway.
And just for fun the back window of my car. Nice

If you listen carefully and with the volume way up that ummmph/groan you hear is the snow slowly moving down the roof. It will wait until oh, let's say 3 in the morning to crash off. Another nice. BTW.....I want alternating fat and skinny butt Global Warming Former Vice President Al Gore to shovel my driveway...NOW.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

How to strip in Vegas with no money...

Took everyone's advice and here is the boring update of the trip to Vegas:

Have done the people watcher thing on the strip. Lots of really old ladies (much older than me) in Vegas wearing way too much makeup and bling.

We have had three really interesting cab drivers. One young man was from Ethiopia. He is here on a scholarship at ULV but half of the money has dried up so he drives a cab to supplement his income. He will eventually have his degree in Finance. He spoke perfect, lyrical English.

Went to the convention with Steve every day..... but not today. Sorry, but pharmacists in a large group are b.o.r.i.n.g.....and they dress like dorks.....even the women......well, wait a minute...I did see someone in fishnets and boots.....the CEO/Pharmacist of a very well known Medical Center in LA.

At the opening session yesterday Dennis Quaid was the keynote speaker (I had a guest ticket). He talked about the mess with the heparin overdosing of his twins....all read from two teleprompters like the President uses...only much smaller. After that session, I sat and thumbed through several books for sale at the ASHP bookstore. I have really, really, really forgotten pretty much all I had learned in nursing school and as a bedside nurse for decades.

I lost all of our gambling budget (20 bucks) on one penny machine in about 2 minutes. Whoooyah!!

We have taken advantage of the lounge on our floor to eat (for free mind you) breakfast and dinner. Not the most exciting food in the world or in Vegas either, but it fills our tummies.

I bought an eye patch at Treasure Island for the lady that's watching our dogs. She has cataract surgery tomorrow.

It poured here last night...and I mean bucket dumps of rain.

Now for news from home: A girl I worked with at the Library is staying at our home so the cats are well taken care of. The temps have been brutal....minus digits...and horrible winds as well. Yesterday morning Delci called and said the upstairs pipes were frozen. I won't give you a detailed story here...but, I have to say Delci is without a doubt the best pipe unfreezer in all of Sandpoint and probably the whole state. Had she not been there....well, I hate to think of what we would have come home to.

So, on this last day in the City of Lost Money I will sit in the lobby of our off strip, non-gaming, high priced restaurant, cheap room rate, Steve gets points when he stays at this chain hotel and read another book on my Kindle. We fly out tomorrow morning, will drive from the airport to pick up the dogs and will sleep in our own bed tomorrow night with the doggies snoring softly next to us in their crates.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The great pie fiasco and another gift.

While on our shopping adventure at WallieWonderWorld looking for Thanksgiving dinner yummies, Steve stumbled upon the pie filling section. "I'm gonna make a pie for our dessert!" said Steve. I thought....Dear Lord help us.

Rather than select a can of filling with explicit directions he picked peach filling with not one direction on the entire label. Two cans were put into the cart. He asked me if I knew how to make pie crust. I then asked him to recall the last pie I had made. He couldn't recall one single pie. That's because I have never made a pie. While he searched the shelves for pie crust fixings, I went to the cooler section and picked up two boxes of pre-made crust. He was OK with using those crusts although he did state making crust from scratch would be lots more fun. I reminded him we didn't have a rolling pin, flour etc.

Below is the step by step process of Steve's first adventure in pie making.

He started with the pre-made pie crust. He isn't the gentlest of men. He pushed the holes and slits carefully back together and put this crust on the bottom of the pie pan.

Next came the filling. One can barely covered the pie crust so.......
.......he added can two.

He did read the directions on the pie crust box and carefully put the top crust on and trimmed the edges.

Steve is not one to waste anything so he nibbled on a few pieces of left over crust and then proceeded to put the rest on the top of the pie. He said it was a lattice design. HUH?????

Finished masterpiece; rosemary asked if he was going to put foil on the edges so they didn't burn.....nope.....ready for the pre-heated oven.

Pie in the oven, timer set, pie removed, rosemary said The top doesn't look baked enough with all of the ummm lattice stuff on it! Steve said I didn't know anything about pie baking and it was fine. I have had one Barbie sized piece of undercooked bottom crust kinda bland peach filled with an undercooked top crust under the lattice stuff pie. Rather than admit the pie wasn't quite right (and I didn't say one more word about the pie, I swear), Steve has "eaten" the rest of the pie....he will take a bite or two from a slice, leave the rest on his plate and tell me he is too full from dinner to finish the rest. I just love this man to pieces....of raw pie.

A beautiful surprise arrived in the mail. My crafty daughter (crafty meaning she got around the rule of no store bought gifts, only photos are to be sent for birthdays, Christmas etc. ) had a crafty friend make this simply lovely necklace for my 65th birthday. I have tried and tried to get a photo without the flash messing it up. If I turn the flash off, it doesn't show up at all. So, here is the description: silver chain with charms of a heart, jewel and an I Love You circle. There is a larger square surrounded by clear stones with an R in the middle. On the back of the R is a photo of Steve and me! Kiss, kiss my sweet little girl. I love you.