There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The tree of thanks.

It is Christmas tree time. While most of the Christmas Tree world has a tree in place and decorated, we at the Olsen compound wait until the last minute. Steve has this inner buy a cut tree, buy a potted tree, or cut one from our forest. He finally decided that buying a cut tree was not the right thing to do....the supply and demand thing.... by our not buying a tree we would save a forest somewhere. We have not had luck with potted trees. Steve hates cutting a tree simply for decoration from our forest. (but less than buying a cut tree).

In 2006 when AnthonEy was visiting with his mom and Christopher, we cut a tree from our forest. It was glorious fun.

Everyone participated in the decorating and while it was not the best looking tree in the forest, a Charlie Brown tree actually, it was beautiful in the end.

We even cut a special tree so AnthonEy could decorate and have a tree in his bedroom while he was visiting.

In 2007 we decided to buy a potted tree....of dubious lineage....but it died before the New Year arrived.

In 2008 we changed our last name to Scrooge and didn't even bother getting a tree or decorating anything so it looked festive or remotely Christmasy. We thought times were bad back then.......what did we know....nuttin!

So what to do this year. We had promised each other we would never again spend a Christmas without a tree. Those bad times in 2008 were eentsy-weensy compared to the times of December 2009....but, with that previously mentioned attitude adjustment we were thankful for our relatively good health, each other, our familiy and the fact that we still have a home in which to put a tree.

We decided to trudge out into the forest after pricing the trees that were left in lots or in pots meaning there was nothing under 25 bucks.

Now, normally there would be feet of snow on the ground, but Al Gore sneezed in North Idaho I guess and we have had Noah pass down the road on his way to Canada in the pouring rain. This is what we trudged in.

Here is the 2009 tree selection. Another Charlie tree I 'm thinkin.

But once again magic happened and the tree looks beautiful....even if it only has 15 branches.
On this Christmas I wish all of you the best of holidays, love and laughter, family time filled with frivolity and may your basket be filled with warmth just like mine......
Even Mimi sends Holiday Greetings although I can't repeat what she said.
with much love, just me.....


jan said...

I know you made those (admittedly pathetic) trees feel very special and beautiful.

Have a great Christmas.

sageweb said...

You did make the trees look great and you save a lot of money not buying an all ready cut tree. I love the pictures of the cats..very cute.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are not buried in snow yet. I wish Al Gore would be nice to us like that.

Merry Christmas to you and all of your babies.

kenju said...

The last tree, though admittedly sparse, is well-balanced and looks very nice to me.

I hope that you and Stave have a great Christmas and the best year ever in 2010.

Mom said...

I think it's the prettiest tree you ever did have!

Jennie said...

I love your pretty tree. And I'm glad you decided not to have another Christmas without a tree. It just ain't natural.

Random Thinker said...

I think those Charlie Brown trees make the ornaments show up better. Very pretty.

Miss Healthypants said...

Aww, I love your Charlie Brown trees! :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, my friend!! :)

cs said...

Merry Christmas Ro...where's the snow???

powdergirl said...

Whn my sons were 1 month, and 2 years, respectively, I put the baby in a bcak carrier, popped the toddler on a sled, grabbed my smallest chain saw and headed out to the forest across the way. we spent a good couple of hours, while my 2 year old turned down tree after tree.

Finally he fell hard for a little Charlie Brown tree. So down it went and we dragged it home, dressed it up in tinsel and lights and glittery ornaments. My son loved that tree.

When my brunch guests arrived on Christmas morning, the one real bitch in the crowd walked in the door and exclaimed over what an ugly tree I had.

I told her we'd picked the one we liked best, but I was wishing we could have had the same luxury when it came to picking our guests.

My goodness, I'm long-winded this morning!

Merry Christmas, I love the little tree : )

Shammickite said...

I haven't decorated the house at all this Christmas. Does that make me a Scrooge?
I've been so busy with organising and performing in the Christmas Show, and shopping, and cooking, and visiting, and nobody is coming here for any Christmas celebrations so i just haven't got around to it.... OK I'm a Scrooge.
Wishing you a happy Christmas and may 2010 be good to you and your furry and not-so-furry family.
(The furry designation includes Steve!)

madretz said...

Oh, I wouldn't even consider those beautiful trees charlie brown trees, I think they're glorious before and after! Maybe because they are very very much more extraordinary than the trees Jimmy and I have ever put up in the 19 years we've been married. We've only had 1 real live tree and it was, oh...2 1/2ish feet tall!!!

Jimmy and I wish you and Steve a lovely loving Christmas!

more cowbell said...

Charlie Brown trees rock. Merry Christmas, Rosemary, to you and yours.

Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

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Cazzie!!! said...

Rosemary, I thank you for sharing with us on the interwebs the snap shots of your lovely life. We are tousands of kilometres apart yet this medium which I first shunned and now embrace has allowed me to see what other people get up to. More to the point, it allows us to share in each other's lives.
I sincerely wish you and yours a merry time and a safe time and an abundance of wealth no just in dollars but in the wealth of love and respect...happy 2010!

Miss Healthypants said...

I wasn't able to comment on your most current post for some reason, but I thought I'd say "AWESOME JOB!" on your kitchen. That looked like a ton of work--and sounds like it was. Good job to you and your hubby. :) (And my cats always annoy the crap out of me when I'm trying to accomplish a challenging task. :) )