There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Monday, January 18, 2010

Welcome to.......

.....Sandpuddle, Idaho.  This is winter 09-10 so far;  snow, rain, slush, rain, ice, rain, sleet, rain.  Lots of standing water around the house.  Steve says he got cheated.  He has only been on the tractor to "plow" twice.  More rain predicted this week.  Chris arrives Wednesday to snowboard at Schweitzer.  From what the weather bookies say snow at the resorts is great.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Can you guess who this is?

Did I hear a model you recently saw on a magazine cover? Umm, no that's incorrect.

Angelina's younger sister?  Selena Gomez?  No, both  wrong.

Sophia Loren's granddaughter?  Well, that's closer. I do resemble Sophia.....we both wear glasses.

This is Bethany Rose, my granddaughter.  This is one of her high school graduation photos.  I know....she is absolutely lovely, and smart, aced her SAT's and is looking at colleges in Oklahoma and Rochester, New York.  I vote for New York where she currently lives with her dad, my son, Art.  But, she will make the right decision I am sure.

Little girl, sweet little girl, you've grown up too fast.   Kiss, kiss Bethany.  I love you.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just reminiscing.....

This might be boring and a really long post, but I promised Gil I would "write" the following stories down. 

Gil called me last night. I had sent him an article from Country Living magazine about Girl Scout memorabilia......he received it today.  I had given Sachiko all of my old Girl Scout sash with badges sewn on, pins, neck scarf, some loose badges and my Girl Scout Handbook.  The article talked about age and value of these exact items.  Gil was telling me what was on some of the badges...a cup, a lamp, ABC, and other strange symbols.  I wondered if I had been in a cult!  I was in troop 90 according to what Gil saw on my sash and inside the handbook I had written the name of our troop leader; Mildr-egads-d Hildebraaand.  Her daughter Shareeeyl was in the troop....and of course she was the most talented scout.....according to Mildr-egads-d.   I didn't like Mildr-egads-d and I absolutely didn't like Sheeeryl. 

All of the troop members went to Zaint Thomaz M0re Catholic School and we met weekly in the common hall.  That led to a discussion with Gil about the school uniforms we had to wear.  The school colors were maroon and white.  The boys wore maroon pants and white shirts with a maroon masculine sweater.  The girls wore a maroon jumper with a white blouse and the same masculine sweater.  Sometime during 6th or 7th grade, Sheeeryl had braces put on.  I swear she had more hardware in her mouth than a wrench set......rubber bands, head gear, wax and lots of spittle.  What I remember most about Sheeeryl was her wiping that spit on her maroon sweater...on both sides....and I don't think her mother ever washed or dry cleaned that sweater because there was always a slick line of old and wet spit on each side of the sweater at armpit level.  Strangely, this story led to lunches at school.

Every Thursday was Hot Dog Day.  We could buy a hot-dog, milk and an orange for lunch, but only on Thursday.  All of the other school days I brought my lunch.  My lunch in never, ever.....varied.  Monday through Wednesday I brought a bologna sandwich with mayo on white and a banana.....and I could buy milk.  Friday (because I was Catholic and we didn't eat meat on Friday back then) I brought a Swiss cheese sandwich with mayo on white no fruit.....and I could buy milk.    Every day my mother gave me milk money.  I did get milk on Thursday because that hot-dog lunch came with milk....sort of a package deal.  On the other days while I had milk money, I was a good little girl and would put my milk money in the box that sat at the end of every single nun's desk.  On the box were depictions of Asian, Indian and Negro (that was the socially correct term back then) children and the writing on the box said: Donate to Save the Pagan Babies.  And I did.  Can you imagine eating a bologna or a Swiss cheese sandwich and not having anything to drink with it....then add a banana?  I always thought of these Pagan kids when my dad made me eat hamburger patties...plain, no ketchup or Bar-B-Que sauce...just a plain patty.  I would gag trying to swallow and my dad would say ; The starving kids in China would like to have that hamburger right about now!  Somehow that story led to Gil asking me if Petrill@'s Pizza had been around when I was a teenager.  It was.  But once again the story strangely goes off subject. 

Gil saw a Petrill0's on the way home from a bike ride.  For some reason....probably his Italian blood....he looked the place up online.  The Internets say it is a great place.  The location of the place he saw was not where I remembered it being in Alhambra.  My  Petrill0's was located on Valley Blvd right across the street from Farmer Boys a drive in burger place that had car hops on skates serving the customers in their cars.

Friday night when I was in high school was cruise night.  Saturday night was date night....I was usually at home on Saturday.  Friday's cruise would start at Henry's where if you got a spot in the parking circle around the eatery good for you, if not keep on driving.  Henry's also had inside seating.  Henry's was not the favorite place to park.  If you did end up there a minimum amount was required to eat outside.  A teenager way back then in the dark ages had enough $$$ to order "wet" fries (French fries with gravy) and a cherry Coke.  Farmer Boys was the place to park and be seen in your fine short (what a lowered, tricked out car was called). 

There were two "fan spots" at Farmer Boys where if you were either Al B0j0 or a Perrino or Palermo brother you parked.  The unspoken rule was: only the finest guys with the finest shorts could park in a fan spot and those three names were permanently parked there.  These spots allowed you to look right at Petrill@'s.  Al B0j0 drove either a Ford Ranchero or a Chevy El Camino that was painted pearlescent pink with tuck 'n roll upholstery, and the car was so low you couldn't get your hand under it; Al was as fine  as his car.  The Perrino boys, Joe and Frank were fine too and I was lucky enough to live up the street from the Palermo's, Don and George.  While their cars were not as spectacular as Al's, they were right up there......all had their car club plaque in the rear window....CZARS.

The cruise route was this:  Henry's to see who was cruising, then on to Farmer Boys just to look at Al B0j0 in all of his fineness.  If you were early enough you might get a parking spot in the back someplace and the car hops on skates would bring your food to your car (no inside eating at all).  Eventually a crowd would form...guys only....and they would drift from car to car to see if there were any girls worth talking to parked in the back.  From Farmer Boys you would cruise to Twoeey's, The Home of Little Stinky (onion rings) and from there to another drive in like Henry's but I have forgotten the name of the place.....and then start all over again. 

Gil asked if kids had after school jobs then....yup.  In the case of the Palermo's for instance, their parents owned a liquor store and the boys worked there sweeping and stocking.  The Perrino's had an Italian deli where my mom bought ravioli, olives from a barrel and sweet sausage.  The Perrino boys worked at the deli.  There was another family; the Perricone's.  Remember those hot dog days at my grammar school?  They provided the hot dogs and oranges.  They had a fruit and veggie business that I would bet was "connected."   But back then so were a lot of Italian families. 

Now for a tid-bit about Al B0j0.  When I met my first husband, Art, he was dating a woman named....of all the names in the world.....Rosemary.  They broke up and we started dating.  The other Rosemary then started dating Al B0j0.  Art and I married, the other Rosemary married Al.  Art and I divorced, Al and Rosemary divorced and Art and the other Rosemary married.  Eventually they divorced and Art married a neighbor Pam.  Yawn.

Below is a photo of the Girl Scout troop working on the artistry or painting or maybe creative  badge.  I am standing right behind the girl painting...see...big grin.  Sheeeryl is right behind me and miserable Mildr-egads-d is in the back between us. My mom is behind Sheeeryl.  Below that my friend Bea is giving  Mildr-egads-d some sort of gift for being such a miserable human being really nice troop leader.  Bea's mother was the assistant leader and I think she only did that to save all of us from Mildr-egads-d.   I am second in line.  I had told Gil I thought we wore beanies not berets....but it looks like I was wrong 'cause those sure look like berets to me. 

So there you have my very long, boring walk down a crooked, disjointed memory lane.  In between these stories were mentioned Sandy my dollie that Sachi now owns and loves, the value of the Girl Scout stuff and Sandy, my accordion and the 78 record I have of the little kid snot nosed band I taught when I was 15/16 and the current value of my Scandalli accordion that is not totally tricked out so the value isn't at the top of the range.  I do have to say Gil and I shared some good laughs throughout this conversation.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I want snow, I don't want snow, I want snow, I don't.....

It has been an interesting winter so far. Surprise!!!  We have maybe, if I exaggerate a bit, a foot of snow on the ground......actually, that would be a lie.....we have about 6 inches of snow.  We have gone from frigid temps in early December with frozen pipes to 32 degrees, rain, some sleet and a little snow here and there. Steve has had to plow twice and once it was just because he wanted to get on his tractor. 

So, what's the problem you might ask.  The snow pack is at about 65% right now and unless with get feet of snow over the next 2 months, we will have a water issue in spring and a potentially dangerous summer fire season.  This winter is reminiscent of the first winter we lived here full time.  I remember thinking What's the big deal with winter?  I can handle this!  Fooled me.  Over the last 12 years each winter has dropped more and more snow until 2007-2008.  That was marked as the 3rd worst winter in Idaho recorded history.  Well, winter isn't going anywhere.  I'm not going anywhere; so I will just have to deal with it.....whatever it is.  ~Sigh~

Since we have been doused with that pox, we have managed to get a few things done around the old place.  First was the counter-top project, then the water heater we had been babying had to be replaced.  Steve did that in just a few hours last Sunday (ca-ching to the tune of 400 smackeroos). Then we finally put the handles and pulls on the cabinets and drawers in the downstairs bathroom....that only took 10 years of planning AND did the same in the snorage room......2 year wait on that project.  Steve has promised he will finally get started  on the shelves I want for the kitchen and he may even make that quilt rack I have crabbed asked for over the last year. 

So, continuing with this most boring post, while I was doing my Sunday chores today I was doing my usual random thinking about heavy issues such as:

If I could live in another country I'd pick Italy...Sorrento to be exact.  I can picture myself sitting on the veranda of my home looking out at the Bay of Naples, sipping a Limoncello and having Steve rub my feet. 

I could live in an historical home in lets say Vermont or Maine.  It would have a big porch with a rocker and inside there would be lots of fireplaces.  In winter we could sit in front of the fire and read and snooze with the cats in their beds close by and the dogs softly snoring. 

I could live in a Craftsman type home in oh, maybe, San Marino or I know.....Palos Verde in California....but not on a cliff, but with the ocean close by.  It would have a porch too....wrap around.......and a covered deck in the back with a huge green lawn with trees all around the yard perimeter. 

I'd really like to learn how to knit or crochet.  I know that's not gonna happen because I have zero talent...big ZERO.  But, I think that would be relaxing. 

I should really learn to play that keyboard I wanted for Christmas 3 years ago and got.  I have two How To books and even a CD that came with the keyboard.  Not sure what the reluctance is there. 

I still wish I had a big dog.  We saw a chocolate lab puppy on TV yesterday that was at a Spokane shelter....he was adorable.  His name was Richard.  He had a sister but she was black.  We can't afford another dog right now, and it's not that I don't love Violet and Petey to pieces....I do and they kinda love me....but, they are Steve's dogs.  They sleep with him when he is on the couch and follow him around with that adoring look on their faces.  Not that another dog would automatically love me more than Steve.......but big dogs just feel different.  No dog can ever replace Charlie or Penelope but my heart just has a little empty spot where a big dog needs to be. 

So......there you have life in a Sunday post.  I know, I know....everyone wants to be rosemary.  Sorry, I'm taken.

Some days I wish I was Emma.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Facebook works.....

While fiddling around on Facebook and putting names into the search function....I found my cousin Sammy....Sam, now that he is all grown up......who lives in Virginia.

I think I have written about spending all of my summers in Portsmouth growing up.  We would pack up the 56 Chevy Nomad wagon and take all of the truck routes and drive across the country to see relatives.  Virginia and my mother's family was my favorite destination.

Sam's older sister Gerri was my idol and Sammy and I were close in age and I loved his prankster personality.  

I remember going to the drive in in Sam's old Rambler the last summer I visited and lying on blankets watching some horror flick.  Times shared with Sam and his family were some of the best during my teenage years.

After my mom passed away I sent all of the old photos of Sam, Gerri and their mom and dad to Gerri.  That leaves me with no photos of them.  What was I thinking?????

What I do have is a photo of my dad in Sam's back yard doing what he loved more than anything....going crabbing with Sam's dad, my Uncle Augie, steaming the crabs in a huge pot in the backyard and sharing the feast.  There's Augie on the left in the suit and hat; next to him is the "baby" my uncle Sugar (Joe) and then my Uncle Sonny the heart-breaker in the family.  I think the last photo is a picture of Augie but I can't be sure.  Sam, do you recognize your dad in that photo?  While I have a really hard time navigating Facebook and don't visit often, I have changed my mind about it being a one line bus stop.  I have double digit friends and now a cousin to "talk" to.  Thanks Facebook.  (PS....please, anyone, send me an email if this post is messed up like the last one and you can't leave comments.  I went into the settings function and changed something....not sure what....and the look of my post is totally different and there is no video upload button.  I also took down the counter-top post just in case it is the offender)