There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Can't see the forest for the trees.....


Steve and I went to a presentation about trees last week.  We thought the focus would be on forestry issues, but it was really about city trees.  There were slides of streets in our little hamlet with and without trees and reasons why trees die or are removed. Among those suggested were cars driven up onto and over roots, snow piled in yards over the roots, sidewalk locations, trees that are sacrificed for building and bad trimming.

I left the talk happily realizing I am not the only tree hugger in the county.....not by a long shot. There is a city tree committee that partners with local arborists and tree trimming companies and they are watching the city trees like hawks.

On the way home, Steve and I were discussing the beauty of our property and how lucky we were to "own" such a beautiful forest.  I don't think we own much of anything in the forest. I think the forest has given us a lease for an undetermined time and we can enjoy, love and protect the forest as an added benefit. 

We have a neighbor who really, truly believes her forest is enchanted. I don't think we have faeries here, but our forest does hold wonderful secrets. Sometimes they are quite obvious and other times you have to look really hard and use your imagination.

The turkeys have something here....we are not sure what but we won't disturb it.  They come every day, scratch and dig and then one particular hen sits in the dirt for hours. I haven't looked up turkey is just fun to watch them be industrious.

The squirrels like to sit in here and eat peanuts.  This burned, hollowed out stump was standing for almost nine years.  The little creatures worked and worked at the decayed roots and made it into their own tunnel of love.

The picture angle of this opening is off....but I want to think a bunny lives here....probably more like a gopher or mole.....but I can see Thumper burrowing away to make a living room.
What do we have here?  Why it's deer poop.....looks like berries....don't be fooled.

The deer rub against the trees and scratch their backs and leave little tufts of hair on the ground. I wonder if the squirrels use it for bedding because in a day or two it will have been "recycled."

Our fruit trees are budding.......I think it's too early in the season for them to do this....but they are smarter about budding than I am. 

Sometimes trees have to struggle to come back....this one is a survivor for sure and it shares nicely.

From a distance this stump doesn't look like much....but.....

.......look closely and see what it is housing. Lichen, moss and other little sprouts are everywhere on the top.

Woodpeckers have made good use of this stump. 

Sometimes a tree is so large it is hiding something and has to be seen in sections.

See? Hiding a broken friend.

The forest has made paths for us to walk on. The trees provide shade and let the sun peek through every now and then . The fallen leaves from last autumn will make the earth rich and it gives off the most wonderful scent.  

We disturbed two napping Bambis in this hidden spot.  We had to walk through dense brush to get here. We apologized to the deer for waking them up. 

I think the trees really do talk to God. They report on how we care for them and what's happening in the forest. They have stories to tell; they have history written on their trunks and in their branches. Their leaves whisper and move so I pay attention to the  wonderful gift of this forest.   When I walk the trails I feel the stress from the pox that descended on our house  lift and go away for a while.  My name is rosemary and I am a tree lover.  These two trees below return that love every day.  This is my favorite pine.

This is my favorite Tamarack.  She will be waking up soon.  There is a stump underneath her delicate limbs and I like to sit there and say a prayer of thanks. 


sageweb said...

Oh that is beautiful. I love trees are lucky you are surrounded by such beauty.

kenju said...

What a wonderful, sensitive, special post, Rosemary. We are honored to read it.

jan said...

A beautiful photo essay!!

When I was a kid we had a magnificent oak in our yard. One year it got hit by lightning. Before we could have it taken out, it started regenerating from the burned out trunk. That's when I started worshiping trees.


it's a pagan I would already have built a little alter to apease the Goddess and fairies...

FoxyMoron said...

Lovely, glad I found you again Rosemary.

Mom said...

You are living in one of God's great cathedrals. Beautiful.

Middle Child said...

What a very beautiful post - I feel the same about here and hope I can continue to afford to live here. There is a spot here near some sliprails, and close to Don's beloved Blue Ginger - where when I sit, I feel a peace descending on me which is amazing... and yet ten feet away does not feel the same...what is that? The natural world is awesome in its beauty and in the gifts it leaves us with...

Sling said...

I have an abiding reverence for trees too.
People come and go,and the trees stand in steadfast witness.
Great post Rosie..A story well told!

Random Thinker said...

Beautiful post of a beautiful piece of land. Thanks for the poop picture too, all part of the package.

Shammickite said...

How lovely to live so close to nature. And I can tell that you love your trees and the creatures of the forest, even though you moan about the weather and the isolation and occasionally about the neighbours, and the snow and the burst pipes and the deer... etc etc etc, you love it all really!

Cazzie!!! said...

Rosemary, thankyou so much for your sentiment. It does not go un heard... we too feel the same way as you and your hubby. We take our kids Öut bush" here in Australia to show them the beauty of nature, its life cycle, and why each and every animal and living thing has a purpose.
We are blessed!

Miss Healthypants said...

How beautiful...and I'm a tree-hugger, too. :)

Sometimes I am soooo envious of where you live. :)