There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Friday, April 30, 2010

Puzzling thoughts, just thoughts, facts and questions

Is it OK to sell my old bras at our yard sale?

What do you think of dog clothes? Booties? Scarves?

Why would Steve want a NEW tractor with a cab when all he has to do is get a cab for the tractor that he already has that is working just fine?

Diane Sawyer or Katie Couric? I'm thinking neither one.....

Blogger or Facebook? Gina, you may not answer this question.

Why do turkeys have to poop on my cement driveway pad when there is perfectly good dirt on the acreage next door? 

I hated high school.....and everyone that attended school with me at that particular high school.  Grammar school wasn't a peachy time either.

Sometimes dogs can fill those spaces in a heart left open and sad because children live 1500 miles away ....but only sometimes.

I am looking for a Lab if you know of or have one you don't want.  I really need a puppy. Really.

Steve is the nicest man I have ever known.

Blossom hasn't been seen in 4 days.  There is a HUGE, as in gigantic, Siamese mix cat eating Blossom's food.  I don't like that much. She/he let Steve pet her/him.

Who do you all think Jesse James will hook up with next?  A pole dancer, a tattooed 7 foot tall circus pony rider, or will he forever remain celibate?

I am really tired of being on a fat free diet.  We shared a salad at The Dish that had real bacon in it and I thought I had died and gone to bacon heaven.  Yup, it was that good.

Steve has a cold.  Great Mother of Colds in Men please save me.

Why would a Doctor of Pharmacy refuse to take two freakin Tylenol to ease the misery of the common cold?  WHY?

Are deer related to elk or moose? 

Is it absolutely necessary to have a middle name? I always felt cheated because I didn't have one.  My mother told me rosemary was a pretty name all by itself.  At my confirmation I took my godmother's name and used it as my middle name even though everyone snickered when I said I was Rosemary Lucia Lucas.

That census stuff....Gil called with questions and that got me wondering....if I am half Italian and half German what am I? I relate to my Italian heritage but maybe I am Italrman.  I could be if I wanted to.

I need one good reason for cold sores.  Just one. 

It stays light outside until after 8 PM now.  Love it.  I don't love daylight at 4 AM however.

Violet and Petey are annoying on car rides.  Petey whines and has a high pitched bark/yap.  Steve says it's an embarrassing bark given Petey's maleness.  Violet sits and stares into the corner of the backseat.  I need a big dog to hang out the window, drool and love the hanging out stuff no matter what the weather.  See above lab puppy thing.

I am not looking forward to Mother's Day.  I haven't for 11 years.

I want to officially name our home/forest Sweet Violet Valley.  Steve says no.....he is on a calling everything sissified streak.

During my computerless time I managed to finish a few books.  I am not a book reviewer at all, but if you want to read some really wonderful, contemporary, funny, tear making, laugh out-loud, dysfunctional family fabulous stories you should read the books by Jonathan Tropper.

The Dalai Lama  is still first on the list of people I'd like to have lunch with.  The Pope is out.  Obama is second, I'd like to talk to Prince Charles sans Camilla about his planned village, maybe John Force if he took a Valium first, and I'd like to lunch with  Garth Stein, Diana Gabaldon and now Jonathan Tropper to find out how they get their ideas for their novels.  My dream is to have all of my blogger buddies and my kids meet for lunch in maybe downtown Manhattan at a ritzy place and have it paid for by Blogger/Google.  Maybe we would all get iPads as gifts or at least an iPhone. 

 The End.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sniff, snork

There is a rhythm to my life...a security in the routines and mundane. I vacuum every day, dust and wash floors.  Visits from my children and grandchildren change some of that.  I vacuum, but hurry up to do it.  I dust, but miss a lot of fluff.  I wash floors, but walk on them before they are dry.  I even miss a cleaning day when my kids visit.  I know.....strange.

When the kids are here there is a flurry of love, fun and activity.  The dogs bypass me in the morning and go straight for the visitor in the sun room bed.  Snacks are given under the table from a dinner plate.  Violet falls in love all over again with Auntie Chris, Uncle Bert or the new guy, Tommy.  The cats know they will get neck rubs and Emma acts like a feline hooker to be first in line.  Even Mimi Louise restrained from smacking Chris this visit. 

This most recent visit was a renewal visit.  My daughter is hurting.  I want to think she needed her mom; and that got me thinking.......I remember her calling me Mommy; I can hear her voice, Gil and Art's voices too.....Mommy? When did I go from Mommy to Mom? Does it mean the same thing when an adult child cries and calls you mom just like they did when you were Mommy?  

I hate, absolutely hate to think one of my kids is hurting to the point of tears and sobs.  All three of them have been in that place.  I can't make things better anymore, get them out of painful situations, or fix-it.  They are all adults after-all and need to figure some of life's miseries out by themselves.  But, I wish I could be Mommy again and finally protect my kids, fix those painful situations or put on a bandage.  All I can do as mom is listen.  I hope that is enough.

On the fun side of this visit.....we ate at Oishi the sushi joint and were full and happy;  we ate at The Dish and were full and happy;  we saw The Backup Plan and managed to laugh; we walked First Street and window shopped to the tune of a few thousand bucks; we all got a cherry cordial mocha coffee at Starbucks and managed to laugh at my cheating at checkers while we sipped the drinks;  we made tostadas and spaghetti,  faux cinnabons and cupcakes; and I hope my daughter found that fierce strength and determination that I know she has while she was Sandpoint with her mommy.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

That's right......I'm baaaaack.....

Once again.....raise your hand if you thought I had died......I didn't, I'm fine, Gabriella is home and all fixed up.

WOW,  have you all missed a ton of exciting life in North Idaho.   I have not been sitting on my big butt while computerless; nope not me.  We have had visitors, there is turkey poop everywhere because we are now turkey central for turkey baby making, Violet had her teeth cleaned and had 3 extracted....exactly ditto for Mimi Louise....Stephanie, Tommy (the SO), and AnthonEy visited, Chris is here now, it has rained, snowed, been sunny, windy, the power has gone out several times, the grass will need mowing next weekend, I have been busy trying and giving up on that damn bathroom, Steve made and I finished two shelf cubbies for the kitchen, we put the cat playpen up, and just so much more.  I will post a few photos today and try to catch up with blogs after Chris' visit is over Tuesday....sniff.  I have missed all of you, but I have to be honest; when I am not sitting in front of a computer during the day it is amazing how much and how fast stuff gets done......but how boring is that? BIG BORING!

New Spring Bambis.

Blossom the barn kitty.

A few of the loud and obnoxious tom turkeys.

I think this is XXXX rated stuff.