There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Friday, April 30, 2010

Puzzling thoughts, just thoughts, facts and questions

Is it OK to sell my old bras at our yard sale?

What do you think of dog clothes? Booties? Scarves?

Why would Steve want a NEW tractor with a cab when all he has to do is get a cab for the tractor that he already has that is working just fine?

Diane Sawyer or Katie Couric? I'm thinking neither one.....

Blogger or Facebook? Gina, you may not answer this question.

Why do turkeys have to poop on my cement driveway pad when there is perfectly good dirt on the acreage next door? 

I hated high school.....and everyone that attended school with me at that particular high school.  Grammar school wasn't a peachy time either.

Sometimes dogs can fill those spaces in a heart left open and sad because children live 1500 miles away ....but only sometimes.

I am looking for a Lab if you know of or have one you don't want.  I really need a puppy. Really.

Steve is the nicest man I have ever known.

Blossom hasn't been seen in 4 days.  There is a HUGE, as in gigantic, Siamese mix cat eating Blossom's food.  I don't like that much. She/he let Steve pet her/him.

Who do you all think Jesse James will hook up with next?  A pole dancer, a tattooed 7 foot tall circus pony rider, or will he forever remain celibate?

I am really tired of being on a fat free diet.  We shared a salad at The Dish that had real bacon in it and I thought I had died and gone to bacon heaven.  Yup, it was that good.

Steve has a cold.  Great Mother of Colds in Men please save me.

Why would a Doctor of Pharmacy refuse to take two freakin Tylenol to ease the misery of the common cold?  WHY?

Are deer related to elk or moose? 

Is it absolutely necessary to have a middle name? I always felt cheated because I didn't have one.  My mother told me rosemary was a pretty name all by itself.  At my confirmation I took my godmother's name and used it as my middle name even though everyone snickered when I said I was Rosemary Lucia Lucas.

That census stuff....Gil called with questions and that got me wondering....if I am half Italian and half German what am I? I relate to my Italian heritage but maybe I am Italrman.  I could be if I wanted to.

I need one good reason for cold sores.  Just one. 

It stays light outside until after 8 PM now.  Love it.  I don't love daylight at 4 AM however.

Violet and Petey are annoying on car rides.  Petey whines and has a high pitched bark/yap.  Steve says it's an embarrassing bark given Petey's maleness.  Violet sits and stares into the corner of the backseat.  I need a big dog to hang out the window, drool and love the hanging out stuff no matter what the weather.  See above lab puppy thing.

I am not looking forward to Mother's Day.  I haven't for 11 years.

I want to officially name our home/forest Sweet Violet Valley.  Steve says no.....he is on a calling everything sissified streak.

During my computerless time I managed to finish a few books.  I am not a book reviewer at all, but if you want to read some really wonderful, contemporary, funny, tear making, laugh out-loud, dysfunctional family fabulous stories you should read the books by Jonathan Tropper.

The Dalai Lama  is still first on the list of people I'd like to have lunch with.  The Pope is out.  Obama is second, I'd like to talk to Prince Charles sans Camilla about his planned village, maybe John Force if he took a Valium first, and I'd like to lunch with  Garth Stein, Diana Gabaldon and now Jonathan Tropper to find out how they get their ideas for their novels.  My dream is to have all of my blogger buddies and my kids meet for lunch in maybe downtown Manhattan at a ritzy place and have it paid for by Blogger/Google.  Maybe we would all get iPads as gifts or at least an iPhone. 

 The End.


Jan said...

I really hope you get your Lab, Rosemary. You and the Lab have a destiny.

Old bras? The company has stopped making my favorite model and I'm piecing the old ones together with thread and duct tape.


to to for the lab.
i wouldn't sell my bras because they're so big i'd be afraid someone would buy one and use for a pup tent..
i love all your questions answers and thoughts..i hate mothers day too...i get more happy mothers day from my on line friends than i do my kids..sigh*

Mom said...

Wash the bras first.
Dog clothes are usually silly.
Because he's a man.
They do it just to annoy you.
School was ok, but I like not being is school better.
Dogs are good. Kids cannot be replaced by anything.
good look on the puppy front.
I'm glad you have Steve.
Where is Blossom?
I thought Jesse James was an old west gunman, long dead.
Fat can be very good.
Give him hot tea with honey & lemon.
The pharmacist is probably a man.
I don't know.
Middle names are extra, completely unnecessary.
You're just you, whatever you want to be.
I love the long, light-filled days.
You are incomplete without big dog drool.
I miss my mom -a lot.
I think Sweet violet Valley sounds lovely.
A good read is a wonderful thing.
Let me know about the lunch in Manhattan. I'll be there.

FoxyMoron said...

Dog clothes, our old dog Max suffers more and more with the cold each Winter and each year I try to get him to wear a coat or a jumper to no avail.
My sympathies to you while your man has a cold, mine never just gets a cold it's always "flu".

kenju said...

Old bras? Why not.
Dog clothes? stupid
Steve/tractor: men and their toys
Diane Sawyer!! I can't stand Katie.
Turkeys don't want to get their feet dirty, maybe?
I hated high school when I was in it, but love going to my reunions now.
Maybe.....not for long.
I don't want another puppy, ever! I'll pet and love on yours.
Steve: I'll take your word for it.
Blossom: is she in heat?
Jesse James (I hope) will remain celibate because there are no women anywhere who want him after what he did to Sandra.
Bacon makes anything taste better.
Men with colds should be locked up until they take their Tylenol.
Deer/elk/moose? Aren't they all related?
I'd prefer not to have a middle name.
You could be Gerian.
No good reason for cold sores, at all.
Get room-darkening blinds.

Since I am gasping for breath after answering all of these, I'll stop here. LOL

Shammickite said...

Bras... who would buy them?
Dog clothes... not on lab puppies.
Tractor... boys love new toys. Bet he loved the old tractor when it was new.
those l2 adies... don't know them.
Middle names aren't all they are cracked up to be. I don't like mine. And I'm not gonna tell you what it is, you have to guess.
If you can persuade Google to give me an ipad I'll meet you in Manhattan.

Barb said...

I am getting old. Don't ask so many questions on one blog. I can't remember them. LOL

Barb said...

OK I sent you a bunch of postings off Craigslist here in Spokane for a Lab doggie.

Jennie said...

You can put your bras up for sale, don't know if anyone will buy them!

I don't know about dog clothes. My great dane used to wear my IU sweatshirt.

Men always want new machinery.

Neither, I'm with you.

I like blogger and facebook for different things.

They like the splat patterns maybe?

I didn't hate high school but have no reason to want to go back, besides maybe improving my stupid gpa...and slapping around the teacher who told me if I were as tall as I am dumb I'd have to sleep in a bowling alley.


Really??? Puppy???


A gigantic siamese?

I just don't know about that Jesse James, but his girlfriends sure look like they need a long bath.

YOU are on a fat free diet? Why?!

I hope Steve feels better soon.

He must know something we don't.

I don't know about deer(s).

I don't have a middle name, so I took my maiden name as one.

You can be whatever you want, Rosemary Lucia.

I don't know about cold sores either, happily. But I'd like to know a good reason for plantar warts.

I like sunny mornings, otherwise i see no reason to get up.


:( You've gotten some cool gifts though, I remember.

Name it Lucia!

Thanks for the tip. I'm deep in codependency stuff right now.

That'd be fun! :)

Sling said...

I'm sorry..Could you repeat the questions? :P

madretz said...

I love how your clock ticks Rosemary, makes me smile and giggle and cry sometimes, too.

I'm loving The book of Joe!

Miss Healthypants said...

Um, I would not sell my old bras at a yard sale, but to each her own! *smiles*

And in answer to your question "Why do turkeys have to poop on my cement driveway pad when there is perfectly good dirt on the acreage next door?"--all I have to say is, we have plenty of tile floors in our house, but the cats insist on puking on the carpet. Every freakin' time. Explain that one to me! *grin*

And I hate hate hate cold sores--I get one every few months and it takes so long to go away. I hate 'em, I tell you! :)

Miss Healthypants said...

And why on earth are you on a fat-free diet? I don't think it's healthy to go completely fat-free. Some fats are good for you.

Middle Child said...

No the bras...but you could donate them somehwere...Dog clothes are fine
re steve and the tractor - because he can want the whole new shebang

Its Blogger...I am at war with facebook now a long story.

Re the turkeys - because they can...bit like Styeve huh

Ditto about doggies - I still miss the very handsome doggie Thorn

Your Steve no doubt is the nicest but Don was also the nicest...and my dad and grandads...sigh they more than make up for the rest of them.

Isn;t jesse James dead??? please explain...

Steve has a mancold! How could you forget

Re the Tylenol - because he can...again - I think that has been taken off the shelves over here will check

I don't have a middle name - we are the norm!!!

gina said...

See my blog for my responses. They were too long to post as a comment.