There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Turning a page

You know how when you have a perfect job and either you or someone you really liked and appreciated leaves....for what ever the reason? You know how you say things on that last day like: "We can have lunch or go to the movies and I promise I will call you...often."....but you never do and they never do and then way too much time goes by and to call would be uncomfortable?   I will know how that goes once again.

My term as a Trustee for the Library ends tomorrow night.  I could have run for another term.  I doubt anyone would have come forward to challenge me.....but, for reasons I can say and others I can't, I decided to leave.  I recruited my replacement; another woman who worked at the Library when I did.  She is much younger, has children in school, and actually works in the Library at the Charter School.  Last year I was thinking seriously about whether I wanted to run again. Then right before Christmas I ran into Molly H. at the movies and in an instant I knew she would be perfect on the Board.  I asked her if she might be interested....she absolutely was.....and when the time came for me to say out-loud what my decision was I emailed her to be sure she wanted to apply for the "job".  I told my fellow Board members I was a wobbly voice with my eyes tearing.

Some of the reasons are: The new terms are now five years in length and soon will go to six.   I had worked at the Library for 4 1/2 years and was on the board for almost four.   To add another five years of influence to an institution is way too long I think.   I will be 66 this November.  Of the five Board members only one is a lot  younger than me; the other 3 members are close to my age.  I feel the Board needs a younger opinion and voice; someone working in the community that uses the Library all of the time and with younger children. While our Library has something for every age we do have a large youth presence in the Library.  Perhaps Molly can shed some light on the youth of today....something no one else can really do right now with the Board mix.

I have felt passionately about many of the issues that have come before the Board and also felt like I was in an information cave with others.  I have had a few rants, but I doubt anyone really got what I was talking about and zoned out after a few minutes so that doesn't matter.  I may have felt strongly about some decisions that were made, but in the end I was one vote of five and the Board was always wise in its entirety.

My name is on the agenda for the meeting tomorrow.  I already told the current chair I did not want a going away "gift" or even a card.  I don't want to cry and make a fool of myself and I absolutely do not want to be a line item on the budget.  It has been pure pleasure and one of the greatest honors of my life to have been on the Library Board.  It isn't just about what a Library stands for in a community, it isn't about the sum of its books, DVDs and periodicals or even sitting in the lobby using free's also about the staff, the volunteers and the Director all of whom have made The East Bonner County Library a place of enrichment, fun, a place to gain knowledge, use the tutoring lab, meet friends and just goof off.   It's the whole other place has Susan, Vanessa, Elise, Ann, Gloria, Wayne, Craig, Dawn, my dear friends Molly and Gina and so many other behind the scenes staff. I hope this time will be different.   I hope I will have those lunches, go to those movies and make and receive those calls.   It could happen; maybe.  So, I guess it's exit left.

Here it is; EBCL. 


kenju said...

I know how you feel, Rosemary. There comes a point when you know it is time to quit - been there myself. I didn't keep up the visits and lunches, because you lose interest when there is no longer shared experience. It's too bad. I hope you prove that wrong.

rosemary said...

I hope I can stay involved....but to be honest, Judy it feels very different when I go into the Library these days and I am not sure why.

Name: female, I shit you not! said...

Worked 15 years as a chiropractic assistant.
Often would say that if I won the lottery I would not quit and I meant it.
Retired at 62 due to hubby's health and do go back often get adjustments.
Two of my co-workers are still there.
Makes for nice.
Go back to take a book out Rosemary and say, hi, what's new with you.
One of my co-workers is Polish like myself. Just read an article in the paper about a new store in my town selling 15 varieties of kielbasa. She lives in another town & I can't wait to share this info with her. Good Luck Rosemary

Name: female, I shit you not! said...

female says sheepishly.....another long story from moi
Go figure....LOL

Mom said...

Go ahead and cry and make a fool of yourself. That's what farewells are all about. Let folks tell you how much they have appreciated you and what you have done for the library. Bask in the love and appreciation. Life will move on, but you will enjoy going to library to check out a book, gain some knowledge and just hang out. You helped to make it what it is. I appreciate the wisdom you show in knowing it is time to let this go and move on.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

If you feel like moving on, then it's time. I'm sure you've made a wise decision with your replacement.

Sling said...

I'm sure you didn't make the decision lighly Rosemary,because I know from reading your blog how much you loved what you were doing.
I'm glad you are leaving on your own terms.

Miss Healthypants said...

Wow, I never knew that you were a library trustee! I am not surprised, really, are certainly a book lover. :)

I know this decision was tough for you, but I hope, as you said, that you'll keep in touch with your friends there. :)

jan said...

It's always hard to leave a place where you have invested so much of ourselves. I do hope you stay in touch, but I never did.

Delci said...

I am glad to say that even though we go months without talking that it is never awkward when we finally do. And that if I could drag you out of your house we could go to lunch. But I don't blame you for not wanting to leave. Glad you're getting out before it's become too much of an unenjoyable thing for you.


that's why when i was asked to be the libraian i said no..i wanted to keep helping and volunteering on my terms..and knew that it would be a job and with all the women on the board that would be running my life i could see it not being fun any more..i understand how you can always volunteer..

Random Thinker said...

You absolutely can remain friends after you leave. Maybe not with all of them but I'm sure with at least some of them. Friendships can evolve.

After I left my last job I walked out of the place crying. I miss them even after three years but one of my former co-workers has turned into one of my best friends.

Middle Child said...

I read the later post before this one. The heart attack has no doubt frightened you as it would any one of us. It seems so odd that it happened so soon after you finished your term at work...sometimes it works like that...for me, if I have been really over stressed, and when i finally stop I get the migraine.

Steve will take care of you...he must have been so frightened for you and for what you have. You and him are the most important thing apart from your kids so look after yourselves please