There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Sunday, July 25, 2010

....later than before

Still above ground...just a bit slower and my weirdness has increased according to my daughter.  Chris was here for a visit and to babysit me for Steve while he was on a 3 day trip.  We were coming home from dinner the day after Steve got back and there was a lot of fog on the way home. I asked this question:   Do you think driving cars through fog disrupts the balance of the earth?  Both Steve and my daughter were ready to commit me after I asked that.  Now think about it....fog was here first, not humans, and the earth was balanced with fog being where it should be, doing what fog does....wouldn't you think driving a car through fog would screw with the earth's balance in some way?  I do.

I forgot to mention that the barn swallows arrived on March 24th to check out the lodging, laid their eggs in the box under the balcony, decreased the mosquito population by zillions, ran the usual drive through diner for the babies, coaxed the babies out of the box, did a few days of GPS mapping and left Thursday.

There is a nuclear scan in my future...this week....Thursday....because I continue to have those pesky chest pains that signaled the "event" as we are now calling it.  The doctor used the words kink and tweak when I saw him. He was explaining about how he had a difficult time with my stents because the blockage was at a place where the artery made a turn.   Stents being stainless steel don't bend apparently.

I have started rehab and am doing well I think.  I have gone from 7 minutes on the treadmill (the most boring exercise machine ever) and elliptical to 20 and 15 minutes.   I am using sissy 1# weights, but that's 1# in each hand more than I was using before.  I go 3x/week and have a class on Wednesday. I am supposed to read The Power of Now  but Amazon is out of that particular book so it is back ordered.

Going along with the Now theme rather than the let's worry about all of the mistakes I have made in the past and worry more about tomorrow theme, my daughter Stephanie (her mother can sue me for calling her my daughter) called yesterday to check on us.  Steph has lots of years clean and works her program and lives her life like someone blessed and happy for every Now moment she has. She shared that she had been crabby and just kind of in a nasty mood so she called her sponsor.  Her sponsor gave her this assignment: Every day for a month she has to write 10 things she is grateful for.  For the first week she has to call her sponsor and tell her those 10 things then she can email them.   Steph knows me well; she suggested I try it.  Might just make my days a little more lemonady rather than bitter lemons.  So today I called Steph with my 10 things. Maybe sharing them with the world (regardless of how small my blog world is) will help me be a happier person......because I do realize that I am an old soul who doesn't know how to relax, enjoy the moment, let go of my routines and just be.

In no particular order on Sunday, July 25th I am grateful for:

1. My heart getting a second chance
2. Phone calls from our kids
3. Emma being Emma
4. Barn swallows that have been coming back for 10 years
5. My morning hug from Steve
6. The inventor of soy sausages
7. The HGTV channel
8. Clumping cat litter
9. Every day the power stays on
10.Finding Wesley
11.All of the really special bloggers that emailed get well wishes to me

I know...11

Thursday, July 08, 2010

I finally decided to download all of the photos that were on Myron.  I still had  photos from last winter and the snow!  Shame on me.  Here is a sampling of the forgotten pictures!  BTW....can someone explain to me how photo spacing can look perfect in compose and then look like crap horrible in preview and the post?

Wesley with his new indestructible toy that he immediately destroyed.

 Two headed dog!

Best allergy causing dust in the world right there in those beautiful fluffy orange bulbs.
New growth on Pines (and other trees) are called candles.  I guess this would be taking a left on Pine.

Clover,  Idaho size!
The new pony that lives with the kids across the street.....Dusty.
The kids across the street with their 4H projects....lambs.

The hummingbird patrol.

Petey looking like he has bad dentures.

Steve napping with the doggies.
My new computer Gabriella....she can be really cool to use and really annoying; there is no in between.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

A little bit later.....

Today was a good day. I kissed Steve, the kitties and the dogs. I cleaned the house....upstairs and down. That's been cleared as an OK activity. Then I mowed the weeds lawn using the walk behind for about ten minutes. That has not been OK'd thus the ten minute time period. I feel almost normal.  I'll be tired later, but hopefully that elusive thing called sleep will find me tonight.

I totally avoided calling the hospital to see if someone...anyone....cleared me for cardiac rehab.  Long story there but several people dropped the cardiac ball and none of those several were me.  I figure I got lots of rehab today and if you could see what I was eating....well, you'd think I was lying about the whole heart attack/stent thing.  I'm trying that's for sure.

I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on but I will be honest; I am having trouble concentrating.  I usually sit in my rocker in the evening and do sudoku puzzles or read while Steve watches mindless crap on TV, but I can't seem to stay focused on either of those activities.   I am still a bit pre-occupied with trying to picture those stents in my heart and wondering if the twinges I am still having is that pesky 70% occluded vessel talking to me.  Of course I worry just to worry, but money issues are always floating in my brain along with other things like: should I cut my hair or not, try to clean the carpets or just leave the stains alone,  can I somehow make 5 dollars 10 using my mind only, am I too old to wear those bohemian gauzy blouses, should I start getting tax stuff ready, will the idiot politicians pass the unemployment extension and would it really do any good to email those  idiots with my thoughts about their no votes.......see, silly worrying that distracts me. 

But for right now, today was a good day and I will kiss Steve, the kitties and the doggies good night.