There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Friday, August 20, 2010

Rolling along

When I was 8 years old my favorite thing to do was skate. I had a pair of clamp on skates that required a key to tighten the skate onto a shoe. I kept the key on a string around my neck and could only use my "old" school shoes for skating. The skates looked like the ones in this photo (that I lifted from someones photo collection).  I received my skates as a gift Christmas of 1951.  At the time, we lived in a back house and the only place I could skate was on our cement driveway.  Sidewalks didn't exist on Third Street and while I could push my dolly buggy on the grass and dirt I could never manage to skate on it....but I sure did try. 
My brother was born July 1952 and we moved to Primrose Avenue that summer. Primrose Avenue had sidewalks. My mom would only let me skate up and down the sidewalk on our street.  I was not allowed to go around the block or across the street because my mom couldn't see me.  But, she was busy with my brother and eventually I realized she wasn't watching me at all.   Being a monster child I skated where I wanted to; around the block, then across the street and then down two blocks.

I remember that summer of 1952 being the happiest of my childhood.  My parents were obsessed with my brother so I spent every single day skating.  I liked the clunkity-clunk rhythm of my skates going over the lines in the sidewalk and I could sing without my mom or dad hearing me.  I liked the freedom of going where I wanted to.  I liked looking at different houses, different yards and waving to people as I clunked along and sang lalalala to the tune of The Hungarian Rhapsody #2. There are days when I wish I was 8 again and had those skates....but, I may have found a replacement.

Remember that boring treadmill I told you about that I have to walk on for 20 minutes at rehab three times a week?  Well, guess what.....I charged up my iPod, got out my comfy old Rykas and have found Primrose Avenue on that treadmill.  It's even better on the recumbent bike!  I am skating again. YAY!!!!!

I have a routine when I go to rehab....I like routines.  Other than having a cardiac monitor stuck onto my body that the nurses watch, no one bothers me, talks to me (an iPod extra blessing)  and I can close my eyes and just listen to Jackson, Bonnie, and of course The Hungarian Rhapsody #2!  I have only been busted twice for singing, but it didn't bother anyone and after I started bringing my iPod I noticed two other rehabers are using CD players!

It is an amazing thing to see all of us in that rehab room.  No one is under 65 years old....several men are in their 90's and recovering from bypass surgery.  They hobble in with their wives and canes and look like they are ready to fall over.  But, on a treadmill they walk and move like a 50 year old!  I feel great after exercising and it carries over to the next day.  I am at a 3mph pace and am inching my incline up by .5 every week.  I can do a level 3 on the elliptical and am a whiz on the recumbent.  I am proud of myself.  I am hopefully healing my broken heart and might even be removing some of that 70% occlusion in my circumflex artery.  Add to that the doc says I CAN'T SHOVEL SNOW. 


Jan said...

I had skates but mine had rubber wheels. I was on them from the time I woke up until I went to bed at night. We had sidewalks and lots of friends my age to skate with.

No matter what else I have accomplished in my life, to this day I have that skate key in spite of losing it many times.

Great news on the rehab front.

jp said...

Yes, I know the feeling of wanting to sing along to the iPod while on the treadmill. I really hate it when I'm not the only one in the weight room.


I had a key and a rabbits foot on a shoe string around my daddy gave me the rabbits foot, cause he said he saw me skating and knew i needed all the luck i could get or i'd kill myself..
i want a treadmill so bad..i've tried to buy one, but they are in the paper and 2 minutes later they are gone.
u r my hero.

Mom said...

I think your treadmill could be renamed Ipod lane.
I love the idea of being busted for singing.
Once when I was a much younger nurse I had bathed and primped a little old lady, sat her in a chair, and was making her bed. As I often do I was singing while changing the sheets. The little lady, who had said nothing all morning, looked at me and said,"Honey, when you were young I bet you could sing."

kenju said...

I wish I liked the treadmill as much as you seem to.

And I wish someone would tell me I can't shovel snow - but then I seldom do it anyway.

Name: female, not even with a capital F. I shit you not! said...

I got my first pair of clamp on skates probably when I was 8 too,but that was in 1945.
Your memories took me back to that time. :0) Thanks.
Keep up the good work.

FoxyMoron said...

My sister had skates like that!
Good on you for finding a way to make that treadmill a bit more fun for you.
I loved reading your childhood memories Rosemary.

Jennie said...

I'm glad you found Primrose Avenue again. I had skates like that too. Today I walk with my iPod around town and it's good! I enjoy it.

madretz said...

You are the best storyteller Rosemary. I love how you led into your treadmill walking with your skating. I had a pair of skates similar to those which I think I also got when I was around 7 I did't take them them as well as I did skateboarding though, which I was also limited to my driveway because I lived on a dirt road till I left for college. The best part of your story is that you are loving rehab and that it brings you back to such wonderful memories.

Shammickite said...

The rehab room looks like a good place to make some new friends.
I never had any skates like that. I was a deprived child!!! I lived up a steep hill with only a dirt and cinder path, nothing a car could get up, so there was nowhere for me to skate. And I still can't skete. I think it's something you have to learn when you're young.

Miss Healthypants said...

Yay on not having to shovel snow! *smiles*

I always feel sooo much better after exercise, too...the hard part is just starting the exercise. :) But yeah, it's totally worth it--very energizing. :)