There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Monday, July 16, 2012

Loving a cat can mend a wounded heart. Mimi's miaow soothed mine for sure. Her little face caught my tears. She passed away at home today.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Losing a miaow

What is it about my cats? They ignore me, get fur all over the furniture, scratch me with their claws and yet somehow have managed to wrap themselves around my scarred heart like a big red valentine with LOVE written all over it.

 I have had nine cats since 1982. The day before I got my first cat Babie, I would have said I didn't like cats. Now....they are my sweet babies and I can't imagine my life without several little (or big) fur balls.

My Mimi Louise is dying. She has bowel and kidney cancer and her lymph nodes are involved. Mimi is 15. She is crabby, sweet, lazy, aloof, scared of Izzy, feisty and a liar. She promised me on my heart after Fuzzy, her brother, died that she would be around forever. Yes, we talk to each other. Of all my cats Mimi has been the most vocal. She starts conversations and answers me when I talk to her. I truly believe she understands what I say and knows when I am upset and need a kitty kiss or encouraging miaow. I love her beyond words. I hate seeing her the way she is now....pottying outside the box and being embarrassed, falling over or just sitting down because she is so tired. She has lost 4 pounds in 2 months....this the cat that has been on a diet since she was one. At one point she was over 25 much over we don't know because the kitty scale topped out at 25.

 I had lost my boy kitty, Magic, the year before Mimi was born. A girl at work had a Siamese that had escaped the house and came back pregnant so a litter was available. Three babies were Siamese that had dibs on her right away....a boy Fuzzy that I had asked for before they were born.....and Mimi. No one wanted Mimi. She was just a "plain tabby" according to her then owner. When I went to pick up Fuzz he was napping with Mimi and I fell in love with her then.  Yup, she was a tabby alright....but, she had ticked fur with orange tips and green eyes....she was beautiful to me.

 Mimi is my last So Cal kitty. She bounced along with us in the RV when we moved to Idaho in 1998. I guess of all my cats I thought she had the least chance of living a long life because of her weight. She was one of the first cats at our vet office to go on a special weight loss diet food. We tried getting her to be more active. She was the first guinea kitty to have a harness and leash for walks. She revolted every time we tried to take her outside and would flatten herself on the garage floor and refuse to move. She lived for the occasional kitty snack, would give her best try to jump onto the counter where the other cat food was so she could steal some....but never succeeded. All she ever wanted to do was eat, nap, potty and get an occasional hug on her terms. Instead she was relegated to 1/3 cup of food spread throughout the day and teasing from anyone who saw her. No wonder that she smacked everyone from family to friends to workers. Now, when she can eat whatever she wants she isn't hungry.

We have to make a decision soon. I hate doing this. I can't imagine not having her here. Steve is devastated and even Izzy the terrorist has stopped chasing her. I love you Mims, Mimila, Moo, my sweet, wonderful Mimi Louise.

I use a photo of Mimi as my profile picture and she has a page located on my Facebook home page.  She could have been a Vogue model....yes she could.