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Friday, September 18, 2015

Secrets revealed

Ummm, because I have access to my health records and I get a little email telling me when results, documents, bill issues are posted by the this case Dr. Kanning....I read this right now. Yup...I'm a fatty necrosed boob woman! I'll still see him Monday at 9:15, I'll still have to have the lump taken out, but my God....this is a HUGE stressor removed!  Of course I am assuming all of this pending the surgery pathology results. But, for now, YEA!!!!! Thank you all for being so supportive.
I do wonder if the office knows this happens.  Had this been horrible news....well, it isn't so.....

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jp said...

OH MY GOD!!! Best news ever! Hoorah for fatty necrolosystic-- whatever. Are you over the moon? Is Steve dancing naked on the lawn? Did you tell those mean trees in the forest to go fuck themselves? WOooooooHOOOOOOOOOOoo

And also, how is it you have access to your records before meeting with the physician? Is it because you used to work there, or do we all legally have this access and just don't know it? My doctors office has frequently forgotten to call me with lab results, and when I call to ask they've frequently forgotten who I am.

Bad Alice said...


rosemary said...

We are both just so relieved there are no words to express how we feel. We both cried! All 3 of my family, cardiac and now surgeon, have some sort of computer program that I signed up for. None of them are the same...Relay Health, Next MD and Your Health File. I get reminders for appointments, lab results, the notes the docs make after a visit, med list, medical history, insurance info...just everything that goes on when I have a visit. Pretty progressive I think for a town of 8K people. So, I have already gotten notices from Dr. Kanning and had read thru the visit notes, made some info corrections. When I got that email this morning I wasn't going to open it, but Steve was right here when I finally did and it was just fabulous. I still have to see him Monday and still have to have Louie taken out and there is still a chance...although I am thinking it is remote....that there is something wrong, but for now I'm thinking this is beyond great news.

more cowbell said...
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more cowbell said...

Ohmygaawwwwd! I would've just passed out from relief and dissolved into tears. And then toasted the results. Oh, Rosemary, so happy to read this. Yay!!! Fatty boobs rock!

Auld Hat said...

xoxo oh I am so happy for your relief. I never doubted it for a moment.

booda baby said...

Please pass this note on -

Dear Rosemary's Boob: Well done, behaving yourself. Let's have a sweet, lots more of that future together, ok? Ok.

THIS is what they're talking about when they're talking gratitude!!

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...