There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wrap up

I won't be "available" for a while after tomorrow.  I will be Nurse Ratchet as Steve is scheduled for a laminectomy at 1pm.  It has been a tough road for him to get to surgery.  He has been miserable for over a year.  Added to that, he was originally scheduled for the 18th, but he caught my miserable cold and chest crud.  He had to be cleared by our family physician and have labs done again.  So....tomorrow is the big day.  He isn't optimistic, but I am hoping I get at least 1/2 of my old Steve back.  Recovery is at least 2 months and since I have "nursed" him through 4 hip surgeries, he knows I won't tolerate any crap.  He will follow the doc's rules. Period.

I talked to Gil yesterday.  The gas bubble in his eye is gone, but he can only describe his vision as not good.  If he holds reading material close to his eye at a certain angle he can read with it, but his depth perception is still horrible as is his distance vision.  He is in a hurry to heal and get his best vision back, but the doctor told him it will take at least 6 months to maybe 5 years to fully heal and find his best vision. 

I saw my cardiologist earlier this month for surgery clearance.  He said I am doing well.  I will have a nuclear scan done the 11th of May to be absolutely sure my heart is healthy enough for any surgery.  I saw the neurologist the day after I saw the cardio doc and had an EMG.  Trust me, it is not a nice study.  He stuck long, thin needles into my hand and arm muscles and then shocked the muscles to check whatever it is they check.  I was tough until he stuck the muscles in my thumbs and then told me to lift my thumb.  Hurt. Like. Hell.  Turns out I have severe carpal tunnel issues with both hands/wrists......the right is severe severe.  I also have nerve issues at C6-7.  I see the neurosurgeon on the 19th of May and I am not sure what his plan will be now.  My fingertips remain numb, I am still crooked and walk like I am drunk.  Whatever. 

I was fitted for that demon collar.  Have not worn it.  Will not wear it.  Might try it on sometime before I see the neurosurgeon so I can honestly say I wore it....but, not gonna be a part of my life. 

Spring is in full bloom.  My bulbs have come up, rosemary is outside and has little, soft blossoms, the trees in town are glorious, the turkeys are still pooping everywhere, the bambis are back in force, the cats finally went out in the playpen, our sweet doggie Violet is failing....she has dementia and probably a tumor on her liver, but we are keeping her comfortable......there are dandelions everywhere, the trees are sprouting candles and the cottonwoods are dropping their sticky blood pods.  Life is good.