There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Saturday, June 11, 2016

About June 27th

.....not happening.  When I saw the doctor in May he told me to get all of my dental work done before surgery because I couldn't have any done for 6 months after.  So, I made my cleaning appointment and then had to have cavities filled.  When I mentioned to the pre-op nurse (the one in the doc's office) that all of my dental stuff was done she said I had to wait 3 months for surgery.....Kootenai Health rules.....and that information was in the paperwork I received.  The problem?  I never received paperwork.   None.  Zero. Nothing.

I understand the whole theory behind the waiting period......I take a platelet suppression drug, my gums bleed...a lot...during dental procedures, our mouths are filled with bacteria, that bacteria gets into the blood stream, if I have hardware put in my neck the bacteria will seed on the hardware and I will get a HUGE infection.  After surgery I will need to take pre procedure antibiotics with dental work.  But....THREE MONTHS BEFORE?   Serious overkill. 

So, now I am "penciled" in for early September.  A whole summer of not riding my bike.  We rented a 3 wheeler, but it was a disaster.....we have a crowned road for water runoff and I felt even more off balance riding that stupid looking thing than I did on flat ground standing on one leg on my tip toes. 

~Sigh~ hurry up and wait.  I want to just get this behind me, start feeling normal....OK....I'll never be normal in any sense, but still.....

I bought a box of malted milk balls, Hershey's Kiss ice cream and a box of lightly buttered popcorn.  Not stressed one little bit.