There's rosemary, that's for remembrance.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Saturday, June 11, 2016

About June 27th

.....not happening.  When I saw the doctor in May he told me to get all of my dental work done before surgery because I couldn't have any done for 6 months after.  So, I made my cleaning appointment and then had to have cavities filled.  When I mentioned to the pre-op nurse (the one in the doc's office) that all of my dental stuff was done she said I had to wait 3 months for surgery.....Kootenai Health rules.....and that information was in the paperwork I received.  The problem?  I never received paperwork.   None.  Zero. Nothing.

I understand the whole theory behind the waiting period......I take a platelet suppression drug, my gums bleed...a lot...during dental procedures, our mouths are filled with bacteria, that bacteria gets into the blood stream, if I have hardware put in my neck the bacteria will seed on the hardware and I will get a HUGE infection.  After surgery I will need to take pre procedure antibiotics with dental work.  But....THREE MONTHS BEFORE?   Serious overkill. 

So, now I am "penciled" in for early September.  A whole summer of not riding my bike.  We rented a 3 wheeler, but it was a disaster.....we have a crowned road for water runoff and I felt even more off balance riding that stupid looking thing than I did on flat ground standing on one leg on my tip toes. 

~Sigh~ hurry up and wait.  I want to just get this behind me, start feeling normal....OK....I'll never be normal in any sense, but still.....

I bought a box of malted milk balls, Hershey's Kiss ice cream and a box of lightly buttered popcorn.  Not stressed one little bit.




booda baby said...

ugghghghk. It's one of my most disliked things - the failure to provide information. I know, I know - it's kind of impossible to provide ALL the information, but please. As long as they were telling you the 'after' window, why not the 'before'?

Well. No point, none at all, at getting annoyed by it now. I'm sorry about the biking.